BRAND NEW Earn a Diploma in Animal Communication

January 12, 2020


It's a New Year.    New fabulous changes for the 9 month online Animal Communication Course. 


Students will now receive a Diploma after completing the 9 month online Professional Animal Communication Course




Students will now pay one class at a time so the tuition will now be spread throughout the entire 9 months 




Students will still receive the discount tuition if all six courses are completed




In addition, each student will receive a Certificate of Completion after each course.  


We start our fourth year when the next course begins August 24, 2020.   I don't say this lightly, this is a LIFE CHANGING COURSE.   It's not just about Animal Communication, it's a complete look at how animals view the journey, the tools you can use to do this work.....




The opportunity to learn how to start your own healing path.


Change your life for the better.   


Learn more at or contact Latifa Meena at 502-641-4119 or  













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