What Would You Do?

We think that every time we see a stray animal we should intervine.

I recently visited a client who shared with me that every time they see an animal in the road they stop and move it to the side of the road.

Now most of the time the animals have crossed but on occasion she said some are still wounded and alive. She then calls people she knows to come and see if they can help.

Some stray animals truly are feral and live off the land. They do not wish to be domesticated or with humans, even though we think they should.

I had bunnies in my backyard a couple of years ago. Now of course, I am thinking I can care for these better than their mom.......WRONG. Mom and nature have a way of working it out and caring for their babies. I just let them be and made sure she was visiting the nest everyday.

Sometimes when we intervine it is ok but there are times we shoud just let nature be.

Did you kiss your animals and tell them you love them today?

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