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Time to Check in?

Is it time to check in with your animals? When is the last time you asked them how they are doing? Do they need anything? How are they feeling in their body? Mentally and emotionally?

Checking in with our aninals on a regular basis can provide us a better understanding of how they are aging, changing and what their needs are on their journey.

Things change in our human lives on a regular basis, so we must remember that they can change for our animals as well. It's always a good idea to be proactive and talk about any issues before hand so we can try and help our animals sooner rather than later.

We get so busy sometimes that we need a reminder to check in with our animals too.

You may be surprised what they want to share with you and tell you.

You can schedule your own session just call or text me at 502-641-4119 to setup your own session.

Don't forget to tell your animals thank you for the love they give you

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