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Not Every Animal

It still takes me by surprise when I come across an animal who wishes not to engage me in a conversation or even say hello.

Some animals are very private and not every animal wishes to participate in a conversation.

I used to take it very personally....what's wrong with me that this animal doesn't want to chat with me. It took me a long time to realize that not every animal is open to allowing me in their world and some can be very very private.

I always tell the animals this is safe, non judgmental place to chat and if they would like to share anything with me I am available.

It is rare to engage an animal that is so private they don't want to chat. It has been a life lesson for me to learn that not everyone and eveything thinks like me, acts like me, has my same desires and needs.

I still show honor and respect to every animal even if they choose not to chat with me. I wish them well and surround them with white light love and protection.

It is a great lesson to be reminded not every animal is on my same agenda.

Hugs and kisses to all of your animal companions

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