Latifa Update

UPDATE on Latifa Meena

After seeing the surgeon this morning they are now scheduling additional cat scans and a Hydro scan for the gallbladder.

No surgeries have been scheduled at this time they’re waiting to get those results of gallbladder scans.

I received a private donation which is a true blessing and have surpassed the goal we were seeking so I have canceled the go fund me and I honor all of you that have helped me so much.

The CAT scan of the gallbladder will be in two weeks and as soon as I have those results I will post and let you know when surgery will be scheduled.

I can’t think all of you enough for the prayers, well wishes and the energy work. I am overwhelmed and humbled to find out how many people I am blessed to have in my corner.

Sending love and hugs to all of you and great big kisses to all of the animal companions.


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