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Is It Time?

How do you know when it is time to allow your animal to cross, pass over?

As humans we want to keep our animals here as long as possible. They provide so much comfort, love and companionship. They mean everything to us.

It is imperative to remember that the animals keep a connection to the other side that most humans do not keep. They know how to cross into the light, how to get back into spirit and they look forward to it. They welcome the transfer into spirit and are so willing to leave the physical vessel behind. They are excited to become whole and healthy.

One day to soon is never too soon, but one day to late is horific.

This process HAS to be about the animals and not about us.

Lately many animals have been requesting I share with their humans how they are feeling about their journey, how they want the process to be when they leave, how long they want to stay or if they are ready to cross. This information is directly from them. Please remember I have NO agenda in this process but to be true to the animals requests and to help my humans clients to the best of my ability during a difficult time.

It is never easy to let your loved ones go...we honor them by allowing them their dignity, their pride and we honor their requests with love and humility.

Kisses to all of the animal companions. Tell them Thank You today for all they do.

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