Higher Vibration

Planet Earth has completed her journey into the 5th conciousness and those of us who are spirtually connected and do enery work are most aware of the new higher vibration.

Gia is also now in 5D, 5th demension. You may be feeling a higher vibration, more in tune, more grounded.

We are most definetly moving into a more metaphysical and spirtual awareness across the planet.

Skeptics used to be the majoroty and now they are the minority.

You may beoming more self-aware of your energy. Meditation may be deeper and more meaningful. Continue to allow whatever the meditations guide you to and remember you can always setup your boundaries.

This new higher vibration is powerful yet loving and caring. Welcome it and learn how it can serve you to your highest good.

Hugs to the animals in your world.

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