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Just Not The Same

This year has been a shift in the consciousness of people all around the U.S. All around the world. We are just not the same as when we started this year in January.

We have been tested in many ways that no one could ever have imagined. Yet, we don't know what impact this will be on our youth, our children.

I ask each of you, please meditate and ask for healing energy to those individuals, and especially our young children who may have been affected emotionally so that they can heal if needed.

There will be a time where we do not wear the masks, where the virus was something that we talk about like the flu, and the fear will be removed from society for most of us.

Set your intention to remain safe and healthy. Energy follows intent.

Meditate and protect yourself and your loved ones with white light.

Don't forget your four legged companions too.

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