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Animal Stress

Your animals can be stressed during these changing times just as you may be.

They can stress for different reasons. Some animals are happy ALLLLLL the humans are home and some are like.......SERIOUSLY?????

They can have the same emotions humans have, depression, guilt, depression, anxiety, stress, uncertainty, fear and more.

Talking with your animals and explaining everything you know can help them. Keeping them updated helps them process and deal with the changes as they effect the house and everyone's journey. It's ok to tell them "I don't know" if you are unsure and really don't know. The more honest with them you are helps them to process and feel as if they are not being left out.

As your life changes, schedules too make sure to keep the posted and let them know how many lights and darks it will be until the new change.

You can't ask them to be ok and not to worry if you yourself are not ok or you yourself are worrying.

Essential oils, calming collars, meditation, and saging the house to change the energy of the home can help EVERYONE in the house to feel better and cope better.

Just keep an eye out to ensure we are helping them to cope with the changes too.

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