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No Babies Here

Seriously.....It's 8 am and the dogs have already been out to in the backyard to potty. I am fixing the dogs breakfast and as I look out the backyard there is the biggest, fatest, largest possum I have ever seen waddling along my back fence.

It's clear she is BEYOND pregnant. I have never seen a possum anywhere in this area.

Well of course I immediately went out and began to chat with her and explain this is NO place for her to have her babies. Ducks now possums????

I told her there are Dogs in every yard lurking and her babies would not be safe. She was kind enough to listen. She said she understood and would try to find a safe place.

It was nerve racking enough last year to have the baby bunnies in the back yard to keep them safe let alone ducks and possums and whatever else wants to come have families here.

Stay safe and be well and keep an eye out for the wildlife critters who may be on the move.

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