Squirrel Rescue

Ok, I can't even make this up.

Sunday morning I am on the phone with a client and with my dogs in my backyard. All of a sudden I hear my next door neighbor started YELLING, I mean SCREAMING in her back yard at the top of her lungs. She was screaming her dog's name MIA....( a very cute small shitzsu).

I am thinking the dog is being attacked and killed.

I told my client "I have an emergency next door can I call you right back" I hang up and run over to her back yard.

I get there and my neighbor is screaming Mia has a squirrel. I see Mia shaking the squirrel by the tail and my first thought was DAMN, I am impressed. LOL

I walked up and MIA very deeply, gruffly and loud and about the third time Mia looked up at me and dropped the squirrel like.....seriously.....what's up? She looked confused because I was demanding her attention and she was clearly busy.

I took the leash off the ground and handed it to the owner and she took control of her dog. (why she couldn't go get her dog and grab the leash herself I will never know).

The poor squirrel was definitely in shock. It was not bleeding. I told the squirrel to just be still while I removed the branches it was pinned under and made sure it was free. It did move a bit but I could tell its back legs had been damaged. I did some energy work on the squirrel and called in Alajawhan the Angel for animals to help the squirrel.

My neighbor later told me they went back with a shovel thinking for sure it was dead but it climbed up high in a tree. I am hoping it will heal.

I am still impressed that MIA was able to be fast enough to catch it.

I was glad to be able to help.

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