Law of Attraction

There is NO BETTER TIME than these times we are experiencing to remember that those thoughts in your head that you fear, dread, worry about, stress about and have anxiety over.....can manifest in your life the more you think about them.

Your thoughts and words have POWER. You can manifest those things in which we think about the most.

I AM WHOLE. I am in healthy. Positive affirmations while you sleep in a guided meditation can help you to release your fear and stress.

Make a conscious effort to change your thoughts as they appear in your mind. When fear and anxiety and stress begin, stop take a deep breath and say to yourself outloud. In this moment I am alive. I am complete. I am breathing. I can smile. I can laugh. Think of what it is you CAN do in this moment and ask the Universe to help you be positive one moment at a time.

THIS too shall pass. The questions is, will you be ready to go back to your life in a happy, positive place or depressed and anxious?

As you transition back your positive attitude will make all of the difference in the world. If you take the depression, fear and anxiety with you, the transition will be harder and rocky.

Your choice is?

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