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It is important to remember that while most of the animals are sooooooo happy to have their humans home all of the time now, there are some animals who are feeling just a bit stressed that their routine has been interrupted.

Please be sure to allow your animals time away from you if they so choose.

They need their time and space too and now that everyone may be home waaaaaaaay more than usual, they can feel stressed because they can't get their nap in, or there is too much noise, or too much going on now. They may not be used to the kids playing all day, or all of the activity in the house or yard.

Don't go looking for them just because you are bored. So many animals have requested some alone and down time too while these changes are occurring.

It's just as important that you too have some personal time without your animals camped on your head or face or lap 24/7. That is not going to help them if your schedule is bound to shift again to pre-virus routines.

Try to think about boundaries to help ensure balance in your new routines so transitioning back can be done as easily as possible for mental and emotional health of your animals.

Sending hugs and calming energy to the planet.

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