Deep Breath Please

Yes, your animals feel the stress, change of vibration, fear and anxiety the entire planet is experiencing.

Take a deep breath, or two or three.......

Take the time to talk with your animals and explain to them what is happening and why they are feeling these things and why YOU may be feeling different too.

It is critical when we transition back into the normal schedules of working, shops open and our schedules shift again, to tell them and give them as much notice as you can. Remember animals know a day and night as light and dark and can count so be sure to TALK with your animal companions to include them in the loop. Who, What, Where, Why, When and How.


You may feel alone, but you are not. I ASSURE you, we are all feeling some sort of emotional stress.

This is a purge of the planet. It is our modern day Noah's Ark. There are many humans and animals that have left and are continuing to cross over. It is a period of time wherein those souls which are called home leave.

We are almost through the bulk of the purge so, take a deep breath, meditate and ground to help your stress and anxiety. I love the Honest Guys, free on Youtube. Set your intent to be whole and happy and we will make it through.

This is a human lesson to learn how to be ok with not knowing and how to better deal with not being in control.

Stay positive and think about how you will transition back into your normal routine, what is it you will do first?

Talk with your animals and keep them posted. Give them a big hug and kiss.

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