Do Your Homework

Something you may not know.....

It is a federal law and illegal for any person, business, school, or any other entity who offers any type of credential, certificate, diploma, or promises you a profession after taking their course to do so unless they are licensed as a school with the state they are doing business in. They must be licensed at least as a secondary post educational school.

It does not matter how the course is taught. In person, online or both.

No matter what the course, profession or field of study.

So do your homework. Ask the school if they are licensed and as what status. Don't be taken advantage of.

If you choose to take online courses, make sure you can ACTUALLY reach a human being by phone and that they are legitimate. Some online courses originate overseas, which can be ok but when you have problems, issues, questions and especially payment issues, the US has no jurisdiction in other countries to get your money back.

The saying "you get what you pay for" holds soooooo true for this.

Do your homework.

Kiss your animals every day!!

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