Holidays are Dangerous

I learned the hard way. Three years ago during the holiday season I gave my Mocha a lot of extra food. Lets face it, who can resist those OMG YOU DON'T LOVE ME eyes they give you when you are eating your holiday meals. I mean, come on, it's the holiday we SHOULD be sharing...right?

The extra turkey, and dressing and piece of this and that gave Mocha pancreatitis. After thousands of dollars, in the emergency room twice and almost loosing her, my boundaries have definitely changed.

So this holiday season please be mindful to share the gift of protection and safety and love by NOT indulging those begging eyes with extra goodies. Sticking to the animals diet is safe for them and healthy too.

Make sure they can have a treat that works for them, plain green beans (watch sodium levels), or plain sweet potatoes. Always check with your Vet to make sure that what they are getting is safe for them.

Enjoy the Holiday Season and be safe.

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