New Way To Pay

I have fabulous new. The past three years, from the beginning of its inception, so many of you have wanted to enhance your journey by attending the 9 month Certified Online Animal Certification Course, however, upfronting the tuition all at once has been the biggest challenge.

Prior tuition was $8,586 for the entire 9 month course when paid upfront. If students desired to pay per class the cost was $11,880.

NOW.....the Whole Pet Grooming Academy has received approval to change the way students pay for the course. Students now pay for each class, individually, 3 days prior to each class start date and STILL RECEIVE THE DISCOUNTED PRICE. That means students can now pay as you go and receive the discounted price too.

Yes, there is a catch. You knew it was coming.....

Students must complete the entire 9 month course and all 6 courses. If all courses are not completed, students will be responsible for the full amount of each course they have already completed.

This change makes this education so much more available.

This is a life changing course. It's not just about Animal Communication, but also enables students to accomplish their own healing, growth and discoveries.

This is the ONLY certified state approved Animal Communication course in the WORLD!

The next Course begin Monday August 24, 2020. We are online every Monday and Wednesday from 7:00-8:00 eastern. Each class is recorded and you can download them for your review.

We have optional field trips to talk to Emma the tiger, the racoons, the camels and sooooo much more.

Whether you want to just learn about animal communication or become a professional, this course will take you from beginning to professional and give you the tools you need and to learn how animals really feel about life, the journey and their souls.

It's time to move forward. To learn more about the course visit The Whole Pet Grooming Academy

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