Speaking from my OWN experience.......giggle

sometimes we set our expectations about a person, or an animal or a situation. I find that when I do that, I always end up getting upset or hurt.

Communication is a great way to help your expectations be recognized.

In some cases though, not having an expectation may be best. We assume just because this or that our belief system and experience help to shape our expectations.

In some things it is natural. I expect everyone to stop at a red light. I think we all do. That is totally different if you are adding a new animal member to the family, or getting a new boss, or taking on a new job, etc.

Try NOT having an expectation and allowing yourself to be open so that you can communicate and share your thoughts and feelings. Don't assume others know how you feel or have the same common sense you have.

Take a deep breath. Ask universe for help and to allow you to have patience.

Kiss and hug all of your animal companions.

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