The Higher Road!

I choose the higher road. Under attack by individuals who call me a fraud, a fake, the devil, against God, a Bitch, and on and on.

Of course my first reaction is to strike back. Retaliate. WOW wouldn't that feel good....but that is EGO. To be so viciously attacked personally and professionally by people who do not even know me, whom I do not even know..I'm left speechless, hurt and bewildered. It is a rude awakening and a real reminder that there are still those people who choose to be destructive, who do not understand what I do, who choose to judge others when they have no understanding or clue. Who do not have the ability to look at themselves before striking out at others.

I choose the higher road. It is HARD no doubt, but it is the ONLY way to move forward in a healthy way. I forgive, I release and I choose to understand and know that these people clearly have issues in their journey and this is in NO WAY really about me. I am just the the thing to attack in the moment until they become upset with the next thing.

I could cause all kinds of trouble no doubt, attack back, spend time and energy on them.....but it wouldn't change their views or change their minds, it would only add fuel to the fire. Karma DOES exist. Karma does return. What goes around comes around.

I wish no ill will for anyone or anything. I surround all of these people with love and light. I call all warrior angels to surround me and protect me. I call upon and allow Creator, Source and Universe and all of my team to protect me.

These people have threatened to protest my readings at Three Dog Bakery April 6, 2019. How sad for the dogs coming to see me that they will feel all of the negative energy. That's what I worry about, the animals. How unfair they feel that. I want them all to have a great experience coming to the Bakery. I will ask Angels and LOVE to be present and try and protect the animals. God is great. Universe is great. Who can do more than GOD?

If they are there, I will simply smile, be kind and try to make the animals feel as good as I can.

I choose the higher road.

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