Saying Goodbye

After all of the clients helping them say goodbye to their loved family members, it's now my turn.

At the age of 12, my beloved Heidi crossed Saturday morning. She had been declining in health and requested to move into Spirit.

I look back on all of the years and remember all of the places we went and the things did. While I am sad of course, I know she is home in spirit and free and running and playing and happy to be out of this vessel. She will always hold a special place with me and Mocha. We say goodbye to Heidi and I can't wait to chat with her after she is settled into Spirit. Heidi I think you for a phenomenal journey.

Her crossing validated information I have received over the years when other animals have been leaving. I saw the same behaviors others had talked about and I saw her disconnect and had the most incredible peaceful feeling last night and this morning. I knew it was right

Come back and see me when you are ready. I love you

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