Have you been trying to reach me?

UGH with all of the RoboCalls that have been happening, it was time to try to block the unwanted calls.

I have a couple applications on my phone to try to prevent and block allllllllll of the calls I seem to get from people wanting to buy drugs from their fabulous pharmacy and the calls to buy a new warranty on my car (the one I don't even own anymore), and on and on and on.

So I apologize upfront if your call mistakenly gets caught up and blocked.

The best way to reach me is text 502-641-4119 or email. You can always reach me from the contact form on my webpage or email me directly at

I can remember the day when cell phones didn't even exist and the only sales call was for the local police or fireman's ball. I miss the simple days.

Always kiss your animals and tell them what they mean to you. Hugs.

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