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Ok, my guard was down. I knew it was a risk, but never dreamed it wouldn't be accepted.

When filling out an application to adopt a dog from rescue, yes, they want your occupation. Of course, why not because a good rescue is going to ensure that every dog they place is a great home, can be taken care of with heart, love and yes money. I get it.

However, I looked like this squirrel when the phone call came from the director of the rescue. HUH??? Oh dear don't shoot me because I don't fit in your box!

It was a strong reminder that not everyone understands what I do, how it works or that it is even real. WOW did I get a real reminder of that. However, I am hoping the conversation and emails that followed perhaps planted some small seeds in those who had never even considered that people like me actually do exist. Provide help for humans and animals in more ways that can be said. Kiss your animals.


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