How well do we listen? Do we put OUR needs ahead of what are animals want? Meet Lola. She is a very smart 2 year old who decided to take matters into her own hands when her caretakers and humans simply weren't getting the message.

After becoming a show dog, Lola was having a hard time going back and forth from her handlers and the Man she loves and wants to be with.

One day Lola decided to make her escape and into 25 acres of gator infested waters and swamp she went. She was spotted 14 miles away from her home.

My client contacted me in a panic and asked me to contact Lola. Lola made NO BONES about it. I am not going to be told what to do anymore! I do not want to show! I want to be with my Man and get my belly rubbed and lay in front of the fire and be his companion.

I relayed the information to my client who assured me her wishes would be granted. I sent Angel Alajawan to help her home, told Lola her wish would be granted and she can go back with her man and no more showing. Lola returned that evening on her own back to her kennel.

I thank Lola, Alajawan and all of her owners for hearing her, respecting her and ensuring her wishes. Pay attention to your what your animals may be telling you, their behavior or there something they want to share with you?

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