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Spiritual Awakening Course

Spiritual Awakening Course

2 day In Person

Asheville North Carolina Area

Does fear hold you back? Are you struggling to live a better life? Unsure where you fit in? What does my life mean? What am I really supposed to be doing? Feeling like you are stuck in a rut?

This course will help you to remove the blockages in your life. You will learn about tools to help you move forward, remove your doubts and fears, empower you to recognize your full potential in all you do.

This course IS A MUST for anyone wishing to just be better, feel better and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life

So many people are experiencing their spiritual awakening. OK, what does that mean? You seem to know things you can't know? You just know there is a better life to live, a better way to love, to exist, yet you don't know where to begin?

You have dreams of things yet to come, you are receiving messages from Spirit or beyond, you seem to be drawn to learn about healing work, energy work, stones or more?

Whether you are just beginning or already on the path of your spiritual awakening journey, this course IS A MUST to understand how to be safe, to understand your own journey, where to begin and what are the next steps. You will learn about the universe, light vs dark, angels and pantheons and so much more. I promise, this isn't your normal course and no other course has the information I need to share.

Going through a spiritual awakening sometimes can be very confusing, makes you feel lonely and alienated, but also there is a calling and an experience like no other. Don't go through it alone, confused, depressed, unsure......FIND YOUR POWER. FIND WHO YOU REALLY ARE. THIS is the first step.

This course will cover:

How to live the life and journey YOU really want

Why are you having these feelings?

Helping you to understand why you may be feeling confused? Lost? Unsure of where you belong? What am I supposed to be doing?

What is happening to you and why?

Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of you and your journey

The universe in this day and age

Light vs dark

Angels and Pantheons and how to call upon them

How to tell if you are getting spiritually attacked

Energy Protection for you and your family

Tools you will need to move forward

To learn more and register please visit

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