I wanted to share my own experiences with using CBD oil

My 89 year old mother has been on CBD oil and I can tell you there is such a remarkable healthy difference in her. She is more alert, has more strength, much more present, no pain at all, more mentally available. Such a welcome improvement.

My 11 year old mini dachshund Heidi has doggie dementia and has limited eye site. She has also been on CBD oil for two months. I can see her more comfortable in her body, more relaxed, able to think clearer and remember where she needs to tinkle (and that's a GOD send).

I can tell you the oil has had such a good effect for both my mother and Heidi.

If you are thinking about using CBD oil, do your homework. Research who has been making it the longest. Where does it come from, California or Colorado or ?????

Have patience if you start it. It can take a good 20-30 days to have its full effect. Everyone is different. Your expectations should be to ALLOW whatever the oil should do for you for the highest good.

Same for the animals. Dog, Cat, Horse and others can all benefit from the use of CBD oil. Talk to your regular vet and see if perhaps CBD oil may be a right choice for you and/or your animals.

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