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Meet Lorenzo. A young beautiful intelligent Llama. He was rescued from a home where he and several horses were not being taken care of.

He now has a magnificent home. He often wonders around the barn while his human picks and cleans stalls and works in the barn. If he can't find his human, he simply starts humming and his human says...Lorenzo I am over here. He saunders over, peeks his head and says .....Hi...ok there you are. Turns around and goes about his business.

He is learning how to trust. He is so very smart. He was posing for every picture taken of him. I simply asked him if I could take his picture. He turned and smiled and said.."WHY YES"!

He makes such a wonderful addition to the farm and I am sure his human is going to have a relationship with him as she has never had before.

Meet Lorenzo.

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