Maybe it Doesn't Belong

If you see that there are changes happening that you can't explain regarding you, your animal or your house.... it may be that something has attached spiritually, mentally, metaphysically and energetically which doesn't belong there.

Did you know that not so nice and dark entities can attach and create havoc, health issues and cause things to just be out of sorts. Change the way you feel, you think, your moods.

As a part of the work I do, there are times when I get things attached to me that do not belong. I recently went through such an episode. I felt angry most of the time, had a short temper, wanted to start fights, just not my loving self. I could feel pain in the body that couldn't be explained. I realized that I needed to be cleansed energetically, spiritually, metaphysically.... so I reached out to my network of people who can cleanse and remove things from me.

After two different sessions, everything was removed and I was back to me! Yahooooo.

Make sure to pay attention....if you or your animals don't feel or seem to be themselves, you might just need to do some energy cleansing. Energy work is amazing. Fear has no place in this. Don't be afraid to reach out if you think something maybe going on in your world that you just can't put your finger on.

Love the animals. Give them a hug and kiss and tell them thank you! Every day!

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