Update on Bogart

I wanted to let everyone know that Bogart is getting a new Visitor Friday November 2, 2018, Hanger Clinic: Prosthetics and Orthotics.

This is the group that made a fin for a Dolphin in the movie A Dolphin Tale.

We are hoping they will take on the project to create new front leg braces for Bogart. We are in desperate need to design new braces that can grow with him. support him, has the hinges that work for his needs, and do not rub sores on him.

You can join Bogart's Buddies on facebook and become a supporter of his too.

Please say a prayer that we get new braces designed and made for this wonderful boy. We are hopeful the Hanger Clinic will be a life saver, literally for Bogart.

Kiss all your animals!!!

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