Are You Ready?

As my girls age, I begin to realize that the relationship I have built with each of them is so very different and yet so fulfilling.

Heidi on the right has always been a girl of her own. Do as she pleases, not really needing mom, well maybe just a little........I met her and two weeks later she joined the family.

Mocha and I have built a relationship I have never had with a dog before. She has taught me so much, shown me so much and allowed me to walk the walk not just talk the talk.

My relationship with Mocha changed and became so much deeper when she did the movie in 2017 with Jessie Eisenberg. She did everything on first take and I explained everything to her, even how to land the part and since then, it's like we really GET each other. She has shown me such part of me I didn't know existed.

I am ready to really know who they are. Their jobs with me. Their needs and wants.

Are you ready to know yours?

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