Don't Invite It In

Be wise....get it? The OWL???

Don't invite trouble into your world. When you decide to start to dabble in the paranormal, metaphysical and the unexplained can invite a variety of unwanted spirits, negativity and so very not nice things and so on.

Make sure to do your homework. Understand what you are getting into. It is highly recommended to let a professional help you.

Metaphysics is a world all of its own. Please know that there is a huge difference between the paranormal and metaphysics. Paranormal seek out those which we in metaphysics try to cleanse and send into the light.

Your animals often see what and who visits in your home. If you see they are beginning to act different, it could be they are uncomfortable with the spiritual or other activity.

Don't handle anything like this alone. Reach out. Ask for help. There are many who can help you and your animals.

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