Non-Certified Online Courses

These non-certified courses are all online and taught by  Latifa Meena, the First State Certified Professional Animal Communicator You will be live with Latifa online for the most incredible 6 weeks as you learn and practice live animal communication.  

Is this the right course for you?   You might already be doing animal communication and getting some messages on your own?  Perhaps you have been to an animal communication workshop and want to continue to the next step or this is something you have been thinking about but have never ventured into until now.     

These non-certified courses are designed for those individuals who are ready not just to learn what animal communication is, but are ready to practice, understand their current skill sets and learn animal communication so that they can have a deeper relationship with the animal kingdom.  

        Myth - you must posses a special gift to be an animal communicator

        Myth - it's only for those who have been psychic all their life

        Myth - I must have prior experience with animals

        Myth - I am starting to late in life to learn this

    Animal Communication is available to all individuals. 

    This is a skill set you can learn.  First you must believe !

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Non-Certified Online Courses

Incredible 6 week courses await you.  Online with Latifa each week, learning and practicing Animal Communication.  One course or all of them, it's up to you!  This is a great way to begin your journey learning about animal communication and to move beyond into a deeper relationship with the animals.

You will need internet access, a computer, laptop, ipad, or phone with camera and microphone.

Courses start on a regular basis.  Learn the skill sets needed to become an animal communicator and learn that YOU CAN do this!

Non-Certified Online AC Course

Non-Certified Online AC Course

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Online Non-Certified Basic Animal Communication Course

This class is taught online with Latifa for 6 weeks $299.00

  • What is animal communication

  • Learning the steps to achieve a connection with an animal

  • Practice, practice, practice

  • Work with different breeds and species 

  • What to expect in animal communication

  • Troubleshooting a session

  • Live access to Latifa during the entire 6 week course 
    No prior experience necessary.  No prerequisites.

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Online Non-Certified Advanced Animal Communication

This class is taught online with Latifa for 6 weeks.  $399.00

  • Enhancing your skill set

  • Using animal communication to move to deeper level

  • Which tools are there to help me

  • Code of Ethics

  • Practice, practice, practice

  • Live animals versus using a picture

  • Understanding animal's roles and purpose

  • Protection cleansing and Balancing

  • How to Continue the Journey after class
    Must have attended any Basic Animal Course or have been doing Animal Communication for 1 year.

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Online Non-Certified Understanding

Death and Dying for Animals  

This class is taught online with Latifa for 6 weeks.  $399.00

  • How do animals view this process?

  • What do animals believe regarding crossing over

  • You will learn what they want and how you can help them

  • Knowing when they have completed their journey

  • Keeping the connection after life here

  • Reincarnation

  • What life lessons did they come to teach us

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