Learn Animal Communication

I have created several options for you to learn animal communication.  Not everyone learns the same way so I realized having several different ways to learn will help everyone find what works best for them

Self Study Home Course

This course is designed for those who want to

learn about animal communication at their own pace. 

A self study course can be a safe and easy way to begin your journey into animal communication.

Non-Certified Online Course

This course is designed to be taught online with Latifa for those who want to learn animal communication with a Certified Professional Animal Communicator.   You will have access to Latifa during class time during the six weeks to ask questions and learn by doing.

Online State Certified Professional Animal Communication Course

This course is designed for those individuals who are wanting to become a Professional Animal Communicator.   This is a 9 month course.  It is the only State Certified Animal Communication course in the world.


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