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The only Professional Animal Communication Diploma program backed by the U.S.
Department of Education

As a professional who works with animals, you know that communicating with them can be a challenge. Designed for animal specialists including veterinarians, vet techs, groomers, breeders, handlers, and trainers, the Professional Animal Communication Program will give you the skills you need to increase your ability to interact with animals.

In addition to creating a more fulfilling relationship with animals, professional animal communication training can help with:

  • Uncovering emotional or behavioral issues

  •  Discovering health and physical issues

  • Readying an animal for a medical procedure

  • Recovering from trauma or abuse

  • Transitioning to death and dying

  • Plus you can help your animal parents with:

  • Enhancing performance

  • Adjusting to family changes

  • Easing the stress of traveling or moving

  • Resolving separation anxiety

  • Helping adopted animals adjust

  • This four-month online program covers basic and advanced animal communication as well as

  • death and dying for animals plus boundaries and code of ethics.

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Online Certification and Diploma

This four-month online program covers basic and advanced animal communication as well as death and dying for animals plus boundaries and code of ethics. The course is delivered via online self-study videos, Mp3 audio as well as live hands-on virtual classes with program instructor Latifa Meena. Latifa Meena has been a professional animal communicator for more than 15 years. Latifa, creator and instructor of the Professional Animal Communication
Program, has been teaching the course for five years.
At the completion of the 193-hour online course, participants receive a Diploma in Professional Animal Communication, backed by the U.S. Department of Education. The program is offered through the Whole Pet Grooming Academy, licensed and approved by the State of New Hampshire, Department of Education, as a post-secondary vocational school with the primary purpose of educating individuals as a professional pet stylist and animal communicator (from The Whole Pet Grooming Academy, established in 2014 brings together the
arts and sciences of whole pet care.


According to program instructor Latifa Meena:
“As a Professional Animal Communicator for the past 16 years, I can tell you it has, and
continues to be, one of the most rewarding careers I have ever had.   The ability to share so
many wonderful Journeys and help so, many animals and their humans is humbling yet so
rewarding. This course is more than just animal communication.  It is complete look at the
world of Metaphysics and how to discover the tools which can you with your journey as an
Animal Communicator. It provides opportunities to do your own healing work and to change
your life.”    


Program graduates agree that this is a life-changing course:
“I took the course because I wanted to make my relationship with animals more fulfilling. With
the online training, practice sessions and field trips, my intuitive skills improved every week and
continue to improve. Talking with animals of different species, such as a tiger, camel, and zebra
was amazing.” Deb H., Professional Animal Communicator and Usui Reiki Master


You can find more information on course outlines and tuition by clicking the links below.  

You too can earn a Diploma in the Professional Animal Communication state approved course.
Pay for one class at a time.

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