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Master Animal Communicator Course


Become A Master Animal Communicator

This course was created out of a demand for individuals wanting to learn about Animal Communication and Metaphysics.  

So many people expressed an interest to learn this skill but were not interested in earning a Diploma, they simply wanted to enhance their own lives and their animal companions.

Let's be honest, I was so frustrated and confused when looking at other Animal Communication appeared that you need to take this course and that course and so on...and the prices are never just given to you.  Not here, I have made sure to explain it all, very easy, with the full price included.   Everything you need to know in the same place, no clicking around link after link.

After becoming a Master Animal Communicator, you will have the skills to become an Animal Communicator.  


Master Animal Communication Course
12 week course all online with Instructor Latifa Meena

$5995   Make 1 payment or 2 payments of $2999.75

Course Outline

    1.  Animal Communication Level 1

        Learning The Basics; Creating A Baseline; Steps For Connecting 

          In Animal Communication; How Meditation Works For You; 

          Practicing With Animals

    2.   Energy And Meditation Level 2

          What Is Energy Work; Definition Of Chakras; Why Does Energy

          Matter; Moving To The Next Level; Continue To Practice With 

          Different Breeds and Species Of Animals

     3.  Which Tools Work Level 3
          Strengthening The Baseline; Recognizing Blockages; Overcoming 

          Doubt And Insecurities; Crystals And Stones Why They Help; 


     4.  The Afterlife Level 4

           Does It Exist; Animals and Reincarnation; Is Death Just Death;

           How Do We Choose Our Path; Additional Tools On Our Journey


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